Exactly. The Federalist Papers were effectively propaganda
Mon Mar 4, 2019 11:32pm

designed to convince people of the state of NY to ratify the new constitution.

They are riddled with errors and contradictions and clearly intended to sell the constitution. The language used by the three writers was not precise, nor did it always match the constitution, even occasionally contradicting it. They are very useful for academic study and understanding the men and their times, but they are NOT the constitution itself nor do they hold ANY weight under the law.

THAT is one of the biggest reasons that there is so much disagreement in interpreting segments of the constitution that are not fully spelled out.

Why SES and Sprout cannot get that through their heads, boggles the mind. Arguments contrary to theirs are equally valid. No more, no less value. Experts cannot agree on a single interpretation regarding indicting a sitting POTUS (and other issues) BECAUSE it is NOT as clear as they believe it is. Scholars have access to the arguments made during the constitutional convention, the Federalist Papers, and all kinds of writings left behind by other signatories and elected officials in other states when it was ratified. The conflicting views prior to the final draft of the constitution PROVES that there were MANY DIFFERENT THOUGHTS on several topics, INCLUDING impeachment and legal charges for elected officials.

At this point, it is truly POINTLESS for any of us to keep on arguing positions because there is NO CHANCE of changing any minds that are, by now, already made up. Thus, nothing to gain and a waste of bandwidth to keep it up as it's going NOWHERE and we are all reduced to rehashing the same arguments, ad nauseum.

I wish they'd recognize that and we could all simply agree to disagree, until such time as the question is legally decided by the SCOTUS.

  • You've Offered One Reference...Amadeus, Mon Mar 4 10:11pm
    If you have a second reference, feel free to offer it. I'm open to seeing it. Of course, indictment can come after impeachment. And it can come before, if necessary. My interpretation of the meaning... more
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