Have they previously given visiting sports teams ANYthing?
Tue Mar 5, 2019 2:44pm (XFF:

Don't visiting sports teams usually just do a quick photo-op with the President, give him a jersey or something,
and then leave?

I don't think the teams usually stay for ANY kind of a meal. Do they?

So Trump decided to buy the players food. Big friggin' deal. When it was Clemson, he paid for it all himself,
and the players "Whooped" when they saw the spread. And reportedly there wasn't much left when they were done.

I guess maybe Libs think Obama had 60 players over for a sit-down, china and silver, linens on the table,
candle-light, five-course dinner.

Liberals are so entertaining when they try to find even the dumbest thing to criticize their President for.

Too funny.

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