How many did he try to grab by the pursie?
Tue Mar 5, 2019 5:39pm


  • President Trump has welcomed NUMEROUS women's collegiate teams to the White House, AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO!!! The willful ignorance is strong with the Left.
    • Hmm, geegreenman, Tue Mar 5 7:31pm
      ..it turns out you were dishonest after all. Trump had ONE major event for a bunch of college teams - including women - which your article cites. OTHER THAN THAT he hasn't hosted any women's teams -... more
      • XXXXXXX: "He's also failed to invite champion WOMEN'S teams, indicative of his sexism in general." SES provides a video that shows NUMEROUS women's championship teams visiting the Trump White House.... more
        • I posted facts, you call people namesgreenman, Wed Mar 6 10:55am
          I think that says everything we need to say about Liberals v. Conservatives - or as you should call yourselves, Fascist Wackjobs. ps - no change in my claim, I simply found the facts and stated them. ... more
    • How many did he try to grab by the pursie? — HeavyHemi, Tue Mar 5 5:39pm
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