Hmm, gee
Tue Mar 5, 2019 7:31pm
2600:1702:3800:5cf0:894d:2e62:b411:109a turns out you were dishonest after all.

Trump had ONE major event for a bunch of college teams - including women - which your article cites.

OTHER THAN THAT he hasn't hosted any women's teams - and NO women's teams solo, as he has men's teams!

'As the Post points out, there has yet to be an event during the Trump administration honoring a women's team on its own.
WNBA teams were frequently invited to the White House during the Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations. NCAA women's basketball champion teams have visited the White House for the previous five administrations. But the Trump administration has yet to host a women's championship team at the White House, with the exception of a November 2017 event honoring multiple NCAA championship teams.'

That's what the video shows, you lying POS. ONE event with a bunch of men's AND women's teams, ZERO solo women's teams - even though they were invited in under Obama AND Bush.

What's the matter, didn't they trust the 'Pu--y Grabber in Chief' around a woman's team by themselves, SES?

Take your "ignorance" and shove it up your fat arse.

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