A Boy Named Sue: Johnny Cash
Wed Mar 6, 2019 4:48pm

Interesting moral at the end of the song.


Maybe schools should let kids use a nickname if they don't like the name their parents gave them. Maybe that would be better than trying to regulate what name parents give their kids.

  • Can you imagine naming your kid ABCDE ??Sia☺giah, Tue Mar 5 11:20pm
    Pronounced Ab-Seh-Dee. I mean, REALLY ?? Saw it on the news because the kid flew Southwest Airlines and someone there made fun of her name. Terrible behavior for the airline employee, but seriously?... more
    • Names Are Different Nowadays.Merlin, Wed Mar 6 6:23pm
      When I was a lad most boys, for example, were named John or Joe or somethin g lik that. To the point where most John and Joes and Mikes, in order to be able to call a particular John, Joe or Mike,... more
    • A Boy Named Sue: Johnny Cash — Ken C, Wed Mar 6 4:48pm
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