I was only semi-serious about regulating names
Wed Mar 6, 2019 5:04pm

The stupidity in any parent who names their kids such ridiculous things is going to rub off onto their kids no matter what name they are given.

It's just sad that any adult human in a position to name their child ever chooses something so absurd. If they love the silly name so much, why not use it themselves and name their kid something more normal or at least less ridiculous.

The "moral" at the end of A Boy Named Sue doesn't excuse 1- causing him SUCH ridicule and 2- not being there for his child.

  • A Boy Named Sue: Johnny CashKen C, Wed Mar 6 4:48pm
    Interesting moral at the end of the song. Maybe schools should let kids use a nickname if they don't like the name their parents gave them. Maybe that... more
    • I was only semi-serious about regulating names — Sia☺giah, Wed Mar 6 5:04pm
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