So if some guy gets interviewed on "60 Minutes"...
Thu Mar 7, 2019 11:47am (XFF:

...anything he says is attributable to "American TV"?

That PERSON, the individual, he himself, said.

Not "Russian TV".


"Fake News".


  • He was mocked on Russian "60 minutes" showSia☺giah, Thu Mar 7 11:16am
    by the people named. The title of the article is: Russian TV Mocks Trump as ‘This Clown,’ Describes His Foreign Policy as ‘Failures at Every Turn’ THAT IS where the mocking went on. ON RUSSIAN TV.... more
    • So if some guy gets interviewed on "60 Minutes"... — SES, Thu Mar 7 11:47am
      • It was on RUSSIAN 60 Minutes (State) TV show Sia☺giah, Thu Mar 7 11:50am
        Russia has STATE TV... They do NOT have "free TV" where political views not following the STATE VIEWS (Putin's) are tolerated. Several Russian talking heads ripped tRUMP a new one and it was... more
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