You know, sticking your fingers that deep...
Thu Mar 7, 2019 4:39pm

in your ear hole, can cause hearing loss and infections from impacted earwax.

  • When the hammer finally falls, Libs are gonna be gut-smacked. lol
    • Collusion is a Trump crimegreenman, Thu Mar 7 6:25pm
      ...so why project it onto Dems? We weren't stupid enough to run the Worst Person in America for President! ps - hey dumbass, why haven't you indicted ANY Clinton for ANY of those fake "crimes?" You... more
    • You know, sticking your fingers that deep... — HeavyHemi, Thu Mar 7 4:39pm
    • there has been plenty of investigationTrish, Thu Mar 7 4:36pm
      and plenty of time for MORE investigation since out of office so why the dragging feet? if y'all are so sure of all this get a move on it.
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