Check out the two types of boardhost boards
Fri Mar 8, 2019 12:31am

I've put together both an extensive forum with 10 boards and a super stripped down message board. The 10 board forum

vs The stripped down message board.

The first link is the full forums with 10 separate boards for discussions. Posters have quite a few options for making the experience personal. It's a "fancier" forum with much more to offer to posters, including the ability to create polls, links & pix easily, lots of options in test colors, sizes, etc., private messaging function, and more. It's different than this platform, but easily learned and once learned, VERY easy to navigate. There's something for everyone, even those who love to throw mud at each other without mods interfering. It offers unlimited bandwidth and older posts will remain indefinitely for anyone who cares to save or search for them. You can get email notifications for any posts you are very interested in, or turn them off. It highlights new posts that you haven't seen and also marks threads you have participated in so you can readily find them again. You can edit your posts too. The forum has the ability to merge threads, move threads, or lock threads too.

The second link is an extremely stripped down message board with almost no options, but a layout more similar to this one. Its basic format is easily figured out, but it is highly limited there and the message boards constantly eliminate posts as they have a very low limit (about 2,500 max at a time) meaning that posts will remain about a month or two and disappear forever. You CAN do some editing of your own posts there, but not much else.

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