I don't find it particularly scary...
Fri Mar 8, 2019 9:21am

but then again, I don't think Trump represents the end of the world. Nor did I think Obama was the end of the world...

Over-dramatization is the method by which "news" stations generate viewership and therefore revenue.

"The ONE THING in your house that just might KILL YOU.... Tune in tonight at 10." Sure...

  • Emotional Meghan McCain slams anti-Semitism: ‘What Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary’ Last month, Omar ignited a bipartisan uproar in Washington and Minnesota when she suggested on Twitter that... more
    • Of course the Zionist lobby, AIPAC, is very powerful over here and have a lot of powerful friends, especially amongst the Republicans. Evangelicals, though not necessarily friendly to Jews, adore... more
      • Excellent article.Sia☺giah, Fri Mar 8 11:19am
        and I agree with you. I am not even remotely anti-Semitic, but I oppose the policies of the country of Israel in how they deny basic rights to all non-Jews in the country. It is Zionism that it... more
        • Thanks!greenman, Fri Mar 8 2:10pm
          He made the point that there can be Zionist anti-Semites, even. People who love themselves some Israel but insist on that international Jewish 'conspiracy.' Absolutely right.
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