stick to one
Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:42am

flipping drives me nuts

  • Should we keep or lose Daylight Saving Time?Sia☺giah, Mon Mar 11 12:13am
    There are all kinds of pros and cons regarding DST. Dozens of studies have shown increases & decreases in power use with/without DST; differences in pedestrians killed at dusk; productivity in... more
    • More of a nuisancegreenman, Mon Mar 11 1:49pm
      ...than a threat, but it is tiresome. I wish they'd pick one or the other, and don't have a big preference either way.
    • I would say let it go. Sprout, Mon Mar 11 10:01am
      IMO it costs time and effort, and therefore money every time we change times. The original reason for it (agricultural work) no longer applies to any SIGNIFICANT degree. Pick one time and stick with... more
    • Get Rid Of The Time Change...Amadeus, Mon Mar 11 9:58am
      I don't care which one we go with. I have a slight preference for ending with a "fall backward," but other than that, I only want to see the whole thing end. Ugh. Amadeus
    • stick to one — Trish, Mon Mar 11 9:42am
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