I got all that about being second hand...
Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:05pm

But I don't think it is odd given who Trump's supporters are.
Let me elaborate, for you and I and the vast majority we know and associate with, this would be extremely odd behavior. Not so for Trump's Evangelical A+ base. I know a couple couple of full on Trumpies...and really, they just don't care what is said about him as long as they have the perception he is address 'their fears'. I will not even attempt any sort of political discourse with them. I know better. They will not care if their arguments are fact based or outright lies. Just like his supporters here and elsewhere. SES and Spout and not anomalous, they are typical of the Trump core.

  • She read that. She doesn't know it for certain.Sia☺giah, Mon Mar 11 1:54pm
    It's not clear if those people were actually the ones who did lose everything. Tina was speculating based on something she claimed that she'd read. Who knows? The bibles DO look somewhat used, but... more
    • I got all that about being second hand... — HeavyHemi, Mon Mar 11 3:05pm
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