So what is the solution....
Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:15am

to the humanitarian crisis of people trying to escape poverty, war and violence? Should they just stay where they are and let their children starve or be raped or killed? Or should they seek asylum in a wealthier country where they can find hope for a job and a better life and future for themselves and their family?

Should wealthy countries shut them out? Just let them suffer and die? People who want to work, and who generally are less violent, harder working and commit fewer crimes than their own citizens?

What are people afraid of, really? That they will take jobs away from "our" people? That they will change the color or the religion or the culture of "our" country? Since when has this country ever been homogeneous?

What kind of religion do we have here anyway? A religion that says to help the poor, hungry and cold... or to turn them away?

    • Your opinion's pretty cleargreenman, Mon Apr 1 11:49am
      ...but let me play Devil's Advocate and ask whether those 'wealthier' countries and their citizens have any say in the matter? Are we simply obliged to let anyone into our countries who WANT in, can... more
      • country can take in without harming their own people in the process. IMHO, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for America to do what we can to help the countries of origin so that fewer refugees will have no... more
      • I realize there are no easy solutions.wondering, Mon Apr 1 4:20pm
        I too would prefer fixing the problems where they come from, but until that happens, I think the humane thing to do is at least try to help those who most need help and sanctuary. I don't believe... more
        • I agree, no easy solutionsgreenman, Tue Apr 2 1:56pm
          I like the idea of offering asylum to those in need. And the Trump efforts on the border have been horrendous, of course.
    • of asylum seekers who have the makings of becoming good US citizens, and the nation can assimilate without degrading it's own ability to provide opportunity, justice and support for its own citizens... more
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