Your opinion's pretty clear
Mon Apr 1, 2019 11:49am

...but let me play Devil's Advocate and ask whether those 'wealthier' countries and their citizens have any say in the matter?

Are we simply obliged to let anyone into our countries who WANT in, can we restrict them in any way, can we keep them out, can we build walls? If not, why not? Do countries not have a right to their sovereignty?

I'm torn on the question, obviously, I think that people who are suffering have a right to flee and obtain sanctuary, but where do we draw the line? Obviously large numbers of refugees have a social, cultural, and economic cost . To pretend otherwise is just ivory tower fantasy.

I'd prefer, I guess, that nations do more to improve the third world, and help people stay in their own nations. That's why I'm so opposed to Trump's foolish attempt to cut off aid to central America.


  • So what is the solution....wondering, Sun Mar 31 2:15am
    to the humanitarian crisis of people trying to escape poverty, war and violence? Should they just stay where they are and let their children starve or be raped or killed? Or should they seek asylum... more
    • Your opinion's pretty clear — greenman, Mon Apr 1 11:49am
      • country can take in without harming their own people in the process. IMHO, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for America to do what we can to help the countries of origin so that fewer refugees will have no... more
      • I realize there are no easy solutions.wondering, Mon Apr 1 4:20pm
        I too would prefer fixing the problems where they come from, but until that happens, I think the humane thing to do is at least try to help those who most need help and sanctuary. I don't believe... more
        • I agree, no easy solutionsgreenman, Tue Apr 2 1:56pm
          I like the idea of offering asylum to those in need. And the Trump efforts on the border have been horrendous, of course.
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