We may be circling the bowl, but there's still time to make
Tue Apr 2, 2019 2:44pm

radical changes to stop it where it is and begin to reverse the damage.

No matter what we do, America has been seriously hurt by this particular admin as well as the increased divisiveness of the last two decades.

Were it not for the last two decades of greater & greater divisiveness, it is highly likely that tRUMP never would have gotten through the primaries.

IMHO, the best thing that can happen right now is for the GOP to be mortally wounded by their own duplicity, lack of moral character, ethics and honor in their partisan politics combined with their unwillingness to confront the cancer in their ranks. Along with that, for the DEMs to also suffer just enough wounds to their own reputations and status to where NEITHER PARTY can claim the mantle of ethical & moral behavior. Then their loyal followers will have to take notice and seek something better. That is the ONLY way forward with such rampant partisan hatred poisoning this country.

  • We get the President we deservegreenman, Mon Apr 1 7:22pm
    And the more I am exposed to the gaping stink-hole that is American politics, the more I think we DESERVE Trump. You can't run for President and stay clean anymore, it's an open sewer into which... more
    • We may be circling the bowl, but there's still time to make — Sia☺giah, Tue Apr 2 2:44pm
      • Any one of whom in the top 5 would have bat the pats off Trump, I think, and would have made a better POTUS, if Hillary screwed up the Electoral College.
        • candidates. They were relatively tame and no better nor worse than Hillary. tRUMP, however, is the diseased joke that keeps on giving
          • DELETEDG🤗G is BANNED, Thu Apr 4 2:44pm
            • America lost, dudegreenman, Thu Apr 4 2:45pm
              Hey, maybe your chemtrails won the election for Trump...:)
              • DELETEDG😱G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 3:09pm
              • DELETEDG👁G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 3:07pm
        • Dismising Trump is what got him elected...Sprout, Tue Apr 2 4:38pm
          Those who don't like him should do it again at their peril. I did it. I laughed when he said he was running. I laughed when his campaign stayed in more than a couple weeks. I didn't laugh when won... more
          • No One Dismissed Trump In The Primaries.Merlin, Tue Apr 2 4:54pm
            But the Republican primary voters votes were split 17 ways. Were Trump running only against say Cruz and Rubio he would have been low on the list of the 16 runner-ups. Trump won the election because... more
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