Trump Only Won The Primaries Because GOP Allowed 16 Others
Tue Apr 2, 2019 3:52pm

Any one of whom in the top 5 would have bat the pats off Trump, I think, and would have made a better POTUS, if Hillary screwed up the Electoral College.

  • radical changes to stop it where it is and begin to reverse the damage. No matter what we do, America has been seriously hurt by this particular admin as well as the increased divisiveness of the... more
    • Trump Only Won The Primaries Because GOP Allowed 16 Others — Merlin, Tue Apr 2 3:52pm
      • candidates. They were relatively tame and no better nor worse than Hillary. tRUMP, however, is the diseased joke that keeps on giving
        • DELETEDG🤗G is BANNED, Thu Apr 4 2:44pm
          • America lost, dudegreenman, Thu Apr 4 2:45pm
            Hey, maybe your chemtrails won the election for Trump...:)
            • DELETEDG😱G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 3:09pm
            • DELETEDG👁G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 3:07pm
      • Dismising Trump is what got him elected...Sprout, Tue Apr 2 4:38pm
        Those who don't like him should do it again at their peril. I did it. I laughed when he said he was running. I laughed when his campaign stayed in more than a couple weeks. I didn't laugh when won... more
        • No One Dismissed Trump In The Primaries.Merlin, Tue Apr 2 4:54pm
          But the Republican primary voters votes were split 17 ways. Were Trump running only against say Cruz and Rubio he would have been low on the list of the 16 runner-ups. Trump won the election because... more
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