Dismising Trump is what got him elected...
Tue Apr 2, 2019 4:38pm

Those who don't like him should do it again at their peril.

I did it. I laughed when he said he was running. I laughed when his campaign stayed in more than a couple weeks. I didn't laugh when won the nomination. And I was totally shocked when he won the general election.

But what I won't do is ignore the truth in order to make myself feel better about dismissing him.

He won because he appealed to the flyover states that past presidential candidates (both R and D) have frequently ignored. He won because he appealed to the common voter as opposed to the upper crust.

And he won because Hillary ran a terrible campaign.

Now, anyone running against him in 2020 can fix some of the mistakes HILLARY made in her campaign. But unless they figure out how to not dismiss large swaths of the middle of the country as lesser human beings, they are going to continue to motivate Trump's base to get out and vote.

I'm not in any way guaranteeing a Trump re-election in 2020. Though he does have the incumbent advantage (which the RNC would be reluctant to give up), it doesn't guarantee victory.

IMO this one is the DNC's to loose. IMO if the DNC opts to run a "next old white guy in line" model like a Bernie Sanders or a Joe Biden, they virtually guarantee Trump another 4 years.

IMO the DNC should have learned a valuable lesson from Obama. A YOUNG NEW FACE without a lot of baggage stands the best chance against Trump.

We'll see if the DNC learned its lessons from their successes with Obama AND from their failures with Hillary.

  • Any one of whom in the top 5 would have bat the pats off Trump, I think, and would have made a better POTUS, if Hillary screwed up the Electoral College.
    • candidates. They were relatively tame and no better nor worse than Hillary. tRUMP, however, is the diseased joke that keeps on giving
      • DELETEDG🤗G is BANNED, Thu Apr 4 2:44pm
        • America lost, dudegreenman, Thu Apr 4 2:45pm
          Hey, maybe your chemtrails won the election for Trump...:)
          • DELETEDG😱G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 3:09pm
          • DELETEDG👁G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 3:07pm
    • Dismising Trump is what got him elected... — Sprout, Tue Apr 2 4:38pm
      • No One Dismissed Trump In The Primaries.Merlin, Tue Apr 2 4:54pm
        But the Republican primary voters votes were split 17 ways. Were Trump running only against say Cruz and Rubio he would have been low on the list of the 16 runner-ups. Trump won the election because... more
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