Yes, many nations are having immigrations discussions....
Wed Apr 3, 2019 11:49am

Which ones should we consider "wealthy nations" so that we may suggest reasonable actions as to HOW to best apply that wealth on this matter?

For example, if you are talking about Japan (a nation many would consider wealthy), while they have wealth, they do not have space. For Japan, I would recommend any resources on this matter be targeted outside of Japan rather than used to increase their immigration thus exacerbating their existing urban overcrowding problems.

For example, if you are talking about Australia (a nation many would consider wealthy), they DO have space, and could instead of using their resources externally, potentially increase the number of immigrants brought in.

There is no single solution, or even set of solutions.

So, IF you want to have a discussion beyond just campaign sound bites like, "Wealthy nations should do more." more details are needed.

  • Well, you are wrong.wondering, Wed Apr 3 11:11am
    I am not wanting to focus only on the United States. There are many nations having discussions on immigration and refugees. The UN has recently come up with a proposal on how to deal with refugees... more
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