Wealthy nations are usually those that are wealthy...
Wed Apr 3, 2019 12:11pm

and often where migrants tend to try to migrate to.

Space and resources and available jobs are certainly issues to be considered... but when migrants are trying to escape poverty, war and violence, they usually go to the nearest border country where conditions or opportunities are better than where they are coming from. For instance, many in Venezuala right now are going into Columbia. Many from Lybia and other African countries are migrating into countries like Spain, Italy or Greece because they are wealthier nations in close proximity to where they are escaping from. Many refugees in Africa are escaping into other wealthier African countries as well.

My point is... that wealthy or wealthier nations should do what they can to help those refugees and migrants in need of help. And when nations like Greece, Spain, and Italy get overwhelmed because they happen to be there on the Mediterranean coast where the migrants often cross to find sanctuary in a safer, wealthier and better place, other nations should step up to help relieve their burden as well.

It's a global problem that needs global attention, and not just with the immediate help that refugees need, but also with giving financial aid or military help in the countries where these migrants are coming from. Of course, that is where it gets complicated when you have dictators or tyrants in those countries that are not interested in dealing with such problems in appropriate ways.

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