I'll Rephrase: Only Nobodies Dismissed Trump In Primaries
Wed Apr 3, 2019 1:05pm

The other sixteen candidates running against Trump certainly did not dismiss Trump.

  • Really? Sprout, Wed Apr 3 11:52am
    There's a funny video out there where Ann Coulter (I don't like her personality, but she was right) was addressing a panel early on in the primaries. One of the panelists asked her which of the... more
    • I'll Rephrase: Only Nobodies Dismissed Trump In Primaries — Merlin, Wed Apr 3 1:05pm
      • I'm not sure I agree with you....Sprout, Wed Apr 3 1:13pm
        I think most initially DID dismiss him. IMO it was only AFTER polls started showing him having a real chance at winning the nomination that they started to take him seriously. And even on into the... more
        • "running for POTUS" to get attention and wasn't terribly serious about it. However, it didn't take very long before most recognized that tRUMP WAS serious and planned to stick it out through to the... more
          • So the polling companies who predictedSprout, Thu Apr 4 8:58am
            Hillary Clinton to win the presidency chose to not take into account the fact that the electoral college exists?
            • reasonably measure the precise end result of votes in the electoral college. It was well within the margin of error. Don't you know how pollsters actually work ?? National polls make thousands of... more
              • DELETEDG🧐G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 2:57pm
              • Really? So all of the conclusions regardingSprout, Thu Apr 4 2:19pm
                who would most likely take what states and what electoral votes were NOT based on the polling data? I guess that means the executives of the polling companies were simply lying when they acknowledged ... more
                • They went by vote numbers NOT specific sectorsSia☺giah, Thu Apr 4 4:13pm
                  DUH. The numbers that he won by were SO SMALL that they were well within the margin of error of ANY and ALL polls. PLUS, the numbers changed DRAMATICALLY after Comey's announcement. LIS, don't you... more
                  • LOL... Hilarious....Sprout, Thu Apr 4 5:04pm
                    You really think that they didn't bother to consider where the votes they were counting were cast? LOL... Amazing how the polling companies THEMSELVES admitted they dropped the ball, and here you are ... more
                    • You did not reply to my post because the FACTSHeavyHemi, Sat Apr 6 10:54pm
                      as I posted then, make your claim objectively false. So then you tried another false argument with Sia. It's not an accusation, it's what you do every day, Spout.
        • Considering the polls were accurate...HeavyHemi, Wed Apr 3 7:01pm
          "There were some fascinating interviews with a couple of the polling company managers and executives, some of whom at least, were refreshingly candid as to how far off their numbers were..." I don't... more
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