Okay, now YOU tell us all what YOUR bottom line is here
Wed Apr 3, 2019 1:48pm

and how YOU would handle it since you seem to refuse to accept ANYTHING anyone else says. What on earth makes YOU an authority on such things that you can make such declarations without an OUNCE of "backup" ??

Also, why have you NOT considered that INCREASING TAXES to INCREASE AVAILABLE FUNDS is another possibility and that at least doing SOMETHING is better than continuing to say "IT CANNOT BE DONE".

  • No they will not be....Sprout, Wed Apr 3 1:17pm
    Because the amount of wasted funds IN TOTAL, even if one managed to eliminate ALL waste EVERY YEAR is actually quite SMALL compared to the many, many, many proposed USEFUL spending projects. If you... more
    • Rome Was Not Built In A Day and The Needy Will Always BeWith Us. However Waste Not Want Not. - Merlin, Wed Apr 3 1:49pm TALMUD Pirkei Avot: Ethics of Our Fathers This section of the Mishnah is one of the best-known and most cited of Jewish... more
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