I hope so. Barr is a damned fool if he thinks he can get
Thu Apr 4, 2019 12:00pm

away with gross misrepresentations given that the House HAS the ability to subpoena documents, information, and people to testify.

I've heard that Mueller, himself, may be testifying before congress about its contents.

I DON'T expect that they'll discover that Barr outright LIED but that he left out everything damning to tRUMP and misrepresented the report as exonerating tRUMP rather than there being a TON of evidence of collusion and attempts to obstruct justice, but couldn't establish indisputable INTENT, a crucial component for presecution.

  • What we all suspectedgreenman, Thu Apr 4 10:22am
    Only the suckers who support Trump believed Barr's 'summary.' It was clearly intended to make Trump look good and steal a march on his opponents and Dems. I just want to see HOW 'troubling' it is,... more
    • I hope so. Barr is a damned fool if he thinks he can get — Sia☺giah, Thu Apr 4 12:00pm
      • Barr thinks he's safe from obstruction chargesgreenman, Thu Apr 4 2:47pm
        ..and providing Trump's base the initial claim that 'there's nothing in the Report' and 'EXONERATED!' may insure Trump against whatever's actually in the report. Because by the time it comes out, the ... more
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