Really? So all of the conclusions regarding
Thu Apr 4, 2019 2:19pm

who would most likely take what states and what electoral votes were NOT based on the polling data?

I guess that means the executives of the polling companies were simply lying when they acknowledged that they had problems.

  • reasonably measure the precise end result of votes in the electoral college. It was well within the margin of error. Don't you know how pollsters actually work ?? National polls make thousands of... more
    • DELETEDG🧐G IS BANNED, Thu Apr 4 2:57pm
    • Really? So all of the conclusions regarding — Sprout, Thu Apr 4 2:19pm
      • They went by vote numbers NOT specific sectorsSia☺giah, Thu Apr 4 4:13pm
        DUH. The numbers that he won by were SO SMALL that they were well within the margin of error of ANY and ALL polls. PLUS, the numbers changed DRAMATICALLY after Comey's announcement. LIS, don't you... more
        • LOL... Hilarious....Sprout, Thu Apr 4 5:04pm
          You really think that they didn't bother to consider where the votes they were counting were cast? LOL... Amazing how the polling companies THEMSELVES admitted they dropped the ball, and here you are ... more
          • You did not reply to my post because the FACTSHeavyHemi, Sat Apr 6 10:54pm
            as I posted then, make your claim objectively false. So then you tried another false argument with Sia. It's not an accusation, it's what you do every day, Spout.
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