Why don't YOU do that since it's so important to you ?
Thu Apr 4, 2019 3:13pm

Surely you know that constantly insulting the intelligence of others by going on endlessly about OBVIOUS things that are common knowledge to most adults causes posters to ridicule or simply ignore your repetitive posts.

I'd suggest responding with something along the lines of "Okay, what happens when there's no more waste to cut and nowhere near enough money to fund every worthy goal?" (instead on repeating the obvious fact that, at some point, that's where we'll be, over and over again)

The answer you'll get is that the worthiness of every goal will have to be evaluated on its merits and that some may not make the cut. Additionally, if there are too many important goals and still not enough money, then taxes may have to be raised.

THEN you may get some interesting ideas from posters rather than grief from a few who'll ridicule you and silence from other who simply won't bother responding to someone who appears to only be trying to argue against anything and everything, no matter how picky or obscure.

Try it sometime. Be the devil's advocate rather than a pesky, repetitive insulter.

  • instead of just clinging to cutting waste and taxing the rich?
    • Why don't YOU do that since it's so important to you ? — Sia☺giah, Thu Apr 4 3:13pm
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