When the redacted report comes out to the media...
Fri Apr 5, 2019 11:48am (XFF:

...and it's 300+ pages of information, how long do you think it'll take the Let Media to "summarize" it?

1. The same 48-hours that it took Barr to ONLY provide the "principal conclusions"?

2. LONGER than those 48-hours?

3. LESS THAN those 48-hours?

My guess is that it'll take about two hours, probably less, for the Left Media to glean whatever anti-Trump information they can find in the 300+ pages and puke it up all over the TV.

And idiot Trump-haters won't have ANY PROBLEM with the Left Media summarizing the report after only having it for two hours, even though they were STUPEFIED that anyone could read a 300+ page report and provide just the "principal conclusions" in "only" two DAYS.

"That's why he did it so fast".


  • and later claimed that he wasn't actually summing it up. Now we've learned that Mueller, himself, and his crew summed it up in more than a few summaries that Barr COULD have issued, but chose not to... more
    • When the redacted report comes out to the media... — SES, Fri Apr 5 11:48am
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