Most People Understand...
Fri Apr 5, 2019 4:38pm (XFF:

...that the entire report should be released to Congress. Of course, there will be some grand jury testimony that needs to be redacted to protect witnesses. However, in this particular case, it would be wrong to simply redact all of it. The reason we normally would redact it is that if prosecutors want that information released, they have to indict. Well, if the DoJ won't indict as a matter of policy - regardless of the evidence - then that should be weighed and considered. Also, there are ways to authorize the release of the information. Trump has already gone on record saying that he has no objection to the full report being released.

Something doesn't smell right.

The Mueller team wrote summaries for release. Barr says that he is working with Mueller to complete the necessary redactions on material that Mueller's team specifically already prepared for release. Also, the Congressional committees can be (and should be) given the unredacted, full report. There is no legitimate reason to not do this. They work with classified information all the time.


  • You obviously haven't been exposed to real news reporting about why certain information, like Grand Jury testimony, should not be released to the public.
    • Most People Understand... — Amadeus, Fri Apr 5 4:38pm
      • ...Grand Jury evidence cannot be released. Also, with the recent history of leaks from Congress, there's no way that I would provide any member of Congress with anything that I didn't want released... more
      • Some of congress can see the whole thingSia☺giah, Fri Apr 5 11:26pm
        Release to the PUBLIC can be redacted wherever necessary. But the committees in Congress who are authorized to see full reports SHOULD see them
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