And you're obviously ignorant of the reasons why...
Sat Apr 6, 2019 10:19am

...Grand Jury evidence cannot be released.

Also, with the recent history of leaks from Congress, there's no way that I would provide any member of Congress with anything that I didn't want released to the public.

Barr will do his job, in accordance with the law.

You know. The law? That thing that idiot Dems sometimes find inconvenient and therefore would prefer to ignore.

And the way Dems attack the integrity of anyone that does anything they don't like is disgusting.

  • Most People Understand...Amadeus, Fri Apr 5 4:38pm
    ...that the entire report should be released to Congress. Of course, there will be some grand jury testimony that needs to be redacted to protect witnesses. However, in this particular case, it would ... more
    • And you're obviously ignorant of the reasons why... — SES, Sat Apr 6 10:19am
    • Some of congress can see the whole thingSia☺giah, Fri Apr 5 11:26pm
      Release to the PUBLIC can be redacted wherever necessary. But the committees in Congress who are authorized to see full reports SHOULD see them
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