I know some say he never meant to win
Sun Apr 7, 2019 2:27pm

...but he's been doing a GREAT job of sabotaging his own Presidency and yet still seems awfully popular with the great unwashed. What does he have to DO to lose, I wonder? Become liberal? lol

  • His own worst enemy?? Fox News' Tucker Carlson wonders aloud whether Trump actually... more
    • I know some say he never meant to win — greenman, Sun Apr 7 2:27pm
      • LMAO. Now that was funny !Sia☺giah, Sun Apr 7 3:32pm
        I'm in the camp that he did not intend, nor expect to win. I've read multiple books about him, from every side of the equation, and the majority consensus, particularly from his former aides &... more
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