LMAO. Now that was funny !
Sun Apr 7, 2019 3:32pm

I'm in the camp that he did not intend, nor expect to win.

I've read multiple books about him, from every side of the equation, and the majority consensus, particularly from his former aides & supporters is that he was blindsided when he won and NEVER expected it would happen. That, at first, he hated the job and just didn't want to be bothered with anything more than the title he'd won away from Hillary.

Most suggested that the position "grew on him" when he realized that he could pretty much do whatever he liked on a day to day basis and get away with it so he chose to stick it out. He LOVES the "power trip" and HATES it when he's thwarted.

However, he prefers to spend his days watching TV and golfing and doing as little ACTUAL work as possible, so it's highly doubtful that he even wants to win again.

What he LOVES are the rallies full of "love" for him. So, he constantly has them.

He fell into the peculiarly American trap of a two party system where one's chosen side can literally do (almost) anything and still be supported.

He's managed to lose significant swarths of women voters and tons of fence sitters, but his diehard fans will never turn on him until he attacks THEM directly. If they can blame anyone else for his choices that harm them, they will.

  • I know some say he never meant to wingreenman, Sun Apr 7 2:27pm
    ...but he's been doing a GREAT job of sabotaging his own Presidency and yet still seems awfully popular with the great unwashed. What does he have to DO to lose, I wonder? Become liberal? lol
    • LMAO. Now that was funny ! — Sia☺giah, Sun Apr 7 3:32pm
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