They admit the returns are damaging, then
Sun Apr 7, 2019 4:35pm

...good, good. That's what I figured, and why his whiny chief flunky, Mulvaney, says Dems will "never" get them.

We'll see about that, m'boy. We'll just see about that!

  • Trump lawyer says the IRS must not hand over his tax returns 4:39 p.m. A lawyer for President Trump is... more
    • Bring it.SES, Sun Apr 7 3:45pm
      Neal had said when requesting Trump's taxes that his committee has "a responsibility to conduct oversight of our voluntary federal tax system and determine how Americans including those elected to... more
      • Yeah, that's BS alrightgreenman, Sun Apr 7 7:32pm 'When the "committee access" provision, as it's known, became law in 1924, Congress had been... more
        • Exactly. Take it to the Supreme Court.SES, Mon Apr 8 8:57am
          "...the committee access provision has never been before a federal judge." Well, it's about to be. In fact, it'll end up before the Supreme Court. And hopefully the Supreme Court will say "go f*ck... more
          • We don't have togreenman, Mon Apr 8 11:01am
            ...unless Trump forces that action, which would be an admission that he's hiding something. Hell, he's already tacitly admitted THAT much. My guess is that Fat Boy isn't anywhere near a billionaire,... more
          • Why?Amadeus, Mon Apr 8 9:49am
            Why "hopefully"? Why wouldn't Trump release his tax returns? Why would he lie about them? He has told us repeatedly that they are under audit, but he told people in his inner circle that he didn't... more
            • Why should he?SES, Mon Apr 8 9:51am
              He's an American citizen. NO American citizen should be FORCED to release his Tax Returns. Would you want YOUR Tax Returns released to the public? The Democrats can go f*ck themselves.
              • He's a POLITICIAN and suspected crookgreenman, Mon Apr 8 11:29am
                That is, in fact, the EXACT reason that a mechanism was created to obtain Presidential tax returns. Oh, and also, what he himself said a few years ago: "Why does Obama believe he shouldn't comply... more
              • HistoryAmadeus, Mon Apr 8 11:23am
                There is a reason we have laws that enable us to demand the president's returns if they are not made available. There is a reason that presidents have made them available without waiting for the... more
      • Not just ANY American, the POTUSSia☺giah, Sun Apr 7 3:49pm
        There is a legitimate reason to want to see if tRUMP's financial entanglements are behind some of his choices made on a variety of issues. tRUMP refused to divest from his companies or to put them... more
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