Relax. This is anti-Trump, so...ENJNOY!!!
Sun Apr 7, 2019 8:59pm

Pretty damn funny:

"Winter is Trumping".

    • Sorry, it was just dumb.Sia☺giah, Sun Apr 7 9:43pm
      There wasn't much there to entertain or amuse me since I cannot stand tRUMP, his voice, his face, his stupid words, OR Game of Thrones.
      • Wow. Your life must really suck.SES, Sun Apr 7 9:49pm
        Can't imagine being THAT humorless. To each his own, I suppose. I didn't realize that it was so old. Supporters and haters both love ‘Winter Is Trumping’ By Sophia Rosenbaum February 24, 2016... more
        • WOW. You're a jerk ALL the time, aren't you?Sia☺giah, Sun Apr 7 10:14pm
          I simply don't think that it's funny and I DETEST Game of Thrones. Plus, I really don't care who else "likes it" or finds it amusing, I DON'T.
          • You "DETEST" Game of Thrones? Really?SES, Mon Apr 8 8:55am
            There are TV shows that I don't care for. "The Walking Dead", for example. I've seen that once, and didn't care for it. Seems border-line mental illness to claim that you DETEST a TV show, though.... more
            • I DETEST The Walking Dead too.Sia☺giah, Mon Apr 8 12:26pm
              I hope you don't think I give a rat's patootie what you think is "border-line mental illness". Stick to things you understand.
              • Well, it's understandable, I suppose.SES, Mon Apr 8 1:34pm
                When someone has been on the losing side for going on three years now, a certain amount of hysterical instability is to be expected. Like when a player on a baseball team that's started the season 1... more
                • AMERICA's been on the losing side 3 years (nm)greenman, Mon Apr 8 4:40pm
                  • Best economy in decades. Unemployment under 4%. RECORD low unemployment for minorities. Consumer and business confidence up. Manufacturing jobs coming back, just as your President promised. So much... more
                    • Duh, that's what I'm saying alright!greenman, Mon Apr 8 5:16pm
                      Obama's economy, not yet ruined by Trump. Business happy with massive tax cuts that let them buy back stock - none of it went to workers. No manufacturing jobs coming back anywhere, certainly not in... more
                • years...come now, don't be so modest, you've been at it longer than that. Have you ever considered being honest?
                  • Still battin' a thousand....SES, Mon Apr 8 4:31pm
                    Won the election. Got two Supreme Court Justices. Probably get a third. Maybe even a fourth. Russia Hoax exposed as... duh... a hoax. No further indictments. No collusion. No coordination, no... more
                    • The Trump Tower meeting is factual collusion.HeavyHemi, Mon Apr 8 6:19pm
                      The campaign chair providing polling data to the Russian. Mueller didn't clear your hero of obstruction. You lie a lot. Yes, an observable fact: You lie, a lot. The democrats wiped you out in the... more
                      • "JUST a bit outside". lmaoSES, Tue Apr 9 8:55am
               Mueller thoroughly investigated the so-called "Trump Tower meeting". Mueller: "[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign... more
                        • Collusion is not the same as CONSPIRACYSia☺giah, Tue Apr 9 7:55pm
                          There's never been ANY doubt that they colluded. But, without specific proof of INTENT to CONSPIRE to interfere in the American elections, they can't CHARGE a crime. However, it's STILL OBVIOUS... more
                          • It's dishonest to mention "conspiracy" ONLY, and to NOT mention that there was ALSO no COORDINATION. Mueller says "[T[he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired... more
                        • I'm sorry, The MEETING Is COLLUSION.HeavyHemi, Tue Apr 9 12:12pm
                          I think it is hilarious one word leaves you paralyzed. You know for a fact Trump and his minions worked with Russian assets. Your lack of character...tsk tsk. EDITED BY MODERATOR TO REDUCE ALL CAPS... more
                          • ...have been saying isn't a crime? If it isn't a crime, why are you getting your panties in a bunch over it? No coordination. No conspiracy. No agreements, tacit or express. It was a huge nothing... more
                            • SES, Stop Using That Term...Amadeus, Tue Apr 9 2:34pm
                              Collusion has been defined here for you ad nauseum. You have become a troll. Collusion itself isn't a crime. But collusion in this context involves various crimes. If it turns out that there was no... more
                    • More lies from a Trump trollgreenman, Mon Apr 8 5:19pm
                      Cheated your way to the election (lost by 3 million votes) Cheated in 2 Court Justices, one an abuser of women and the other unConstitutionally installed by McConnell Russian influence on election... more
                      • What he's giddy about is thank Gawd Trump doesn't use email. har dee har har.
                        • His family does, thoughgreenman, Mon Apr 8 6:32pm
                          Ivanka and hubby and others use personal e-mails to communicate government business, the same reason these hypocritical idiots attacked Hillary. Trump regime rotting from the head, like a dead fish...
                • DON'T push your luck. (nm)Sia☺giah, Mon Apr 8 3:06pm
        • Odd, but Trump supporters inherently suck.HeavyHemi, Sun Apr 7 10:10pm
          At this point being a Trump supporter is no longer unknowing fawning adoration. It's willful rule of Trump over Rule of Law. Good thing there's not enough of you traitors.
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