Well, it's understandable, I suppose.
Mon Apr 8, 2019 1:34pm (XFF:

When someone has been on the losing side for going on three years now, a certain amount of hysterical instability is to be expected.

Like when a player on a baseball team that's started the season 1 and 7 finally bursts and charges the mound.

Or like claiming that Trump didn't really want to win... then watching as Trump not only stayed in, but won... Gorsuch... Kavanaugh... no collusion... still not tired of winning.

Have you ever considered taking Valium?

  • I DETEST The Walking Dead too.Sia☺giah, Mon Apr 8 12:26pm
    I hope you don't think I give a rat's patootie what you think is "border-line mental illness". Stick to things you understand.
    • Well, it's understandable, I suppose. — SES, Mon Apr 8 1:34pm
      • AMERICA's been on the losing side 3 years (nm)greenman, Mon Apr 8 4:40pm
        • Best economy in decades. Unemployment under 4%. RECORD low unemployment for minorities. Consumer and business confidence up. Manufacturing jobs coming back, just as your President promised. So much... more
          • Duh, that's what I'm saying alright!greenman, Mon Apr 8 5:16pm
            Obama's economy, not yet ruined by Trump. Business happy with massive tax cuts that let them buy back stock - none of it went to workers. No manufacturing jobs coming back anywhere, certainly not in... more
      • years...come now, don't be so modest, you've been at it longer than that. Have you ever considered being honest?
        • Still battin' a thousand....SES, Mon Apr 8 4:31pm
          Won the election. Got two Supreme Court Justices. Probably get a third. Maybe even a fourth. Russia Hoax exposed as... duh... a hoax. No further indictments. No collusion. No coordination, no... more
          • The Trump Tower meeting is factual collusion.HeavyHemi, Mon Apr 8 6:19pm
            The campaign chair providing polling data to the Russian. Mueller didn't clear your hero of obstruction. You lie a lot. Yes, an observable fact: You lie, a lot. The democrats wiped you out in the... more
            • "JUST a bit outside". lmaoSES, Tue Apr 9 8:55am
     Mueller thoroughly investigated the so-called "Trump Tower meeting". Mueller: "[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign... more
              • Collusion is not the same as CONSPIRACYSia☺giah, Tue Apr 9 7:55pm
                There's never been ANY doubt that they colluded. But, without specific proof of INTENT to CONSPIRE to interfere in the American elections, they can't CHARGE a crime. However, it's STILL OBVIOUS... more
                • It's dishonest to mention "conspiracy" ONLY, and to NOT mention that there was ALSO no COORDINATION. Mueller says "[T[he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired... more
              • I'm sorry, The MEETING Is COLLUSION.HeavyHemi, Tue Apr 9 12:12pm
                I think it is hilarious one word leaves you paralyzed. You know for a fact Trump and his minions worked with Russian assets. Your lack of character...tsk tsk. EDITED BY MODERATOR TO REDUCE ALL CAPS... more
                • ...have been saying isn't a crime? If it isn't a crime, why are you getting your panties in a bunch over it? No coordination. No conspiracy. No agreements, tacit or express. It was a huge nothing... more
                  • SES, Stop Using That Term...Amadeus, Tue Apr 9 2:34pm
                    Collusion has been defined here for you ad nauseum. You have become a troll. Collusion itself isn't a crime. But collusion in this context involves various crimes. If it turns out that there was no... more
          • More lies from a Trump trollgreenman, Mon Apr 8 5:19pm
            Cheated your way to the election (lost by 3 million votes) Cheated in 2 Court Justices, one an abuser of women and the other unConstitutionally installed by McConnell Russian influence on election... more
            • What he's giddy about is thank Gawd Trump doesn't use email. har dee har har.
              • His family does, thoughgreenman, Mon Apr 8 6:32pm
                Ivanka and hubby and others use personal e-mails to communicate government business, the same reason these hypocritical idiots attacked Hillary. Trump regime rotting from the head, like a dead fish...
      • DON'T push your luck. (nm)Sia☺giah, Mon Apr 8 3:06pm
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