Remember when that guy, Maddow, got Trump's Return?
Tue Apr 9, 2019 10:26am (XFF:

It was a big nothing-burger.

Have I ever pointed out that Libturds never learn?

  • I don't remember when it became a Sprout, Mon Apr 8 3:49pm
    political thing for a president or a presidential candidate to publicize their tax returns. I certainly would say we already probably know more about this particular politicians financial history... more
    • About 40 years ago. That's when. Sia☺giah, Mon Apr 8 6:20pm
      His taxes would tell congress all kinds of things about what and where he's got going businesswise and all kinds of potential conflicts of interests.
      • Do you really think his accounts wouldSprout, Tue Apr 9 9:08am
        document illegal activities on his tax returns? IMO pretty much all we would get is the same news articles about how low an actual tax rate he pays, and how, somehow, he should be instructing his... more
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