Just Stop With The Semantics
Tue Apr 9, 2019 11:46am (XFF:

The law was put into place to stop those with conflicts of interest from refusing to release tax records. It gives the appropriate committees in Congress the power to get those records.

The law applies to everyone, including the president.

The news has been focusing on how the law applies, when it was written, why, and etc.

Your focusing on the semantic issues of whether it is written specifically just about the president is pointless and irrelevant.

The issue here is that Trump's tax records will be delivered to the appropriate committees. Nobody should be cheering for Trump to fight this, and Trump shouldn't be fighting it. He lied about being under audit to conceal his tax records. He lied about being willing to provide his tax returns once he was in office. He has repeatedly lied. What makes you think he doesn't lie about anything and everything?

This is part of the reason we need to see his returns in particular. We can't trust him to tell us whether or not he has any vulnerabilities to influence or particular problems in those returns.

Open, transparent governance. If you want to get rid of the swamp, you have to let the light in.


  • That's YOU point.SES, Tue Apr 9 11:28am
    MY point was to ask if the Law SPECIFICALLY STATED that a PRESIDENT must release his Tax Returns -- was the Law written SPECIFICALLY TO APPLY to a sitting President? SES: "I wasn't aware that there's ... more
    • Oh, you're lying again.HeavyHemi, Tue Apr 9 11:40am
      She didn't say there was a law 'SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN TO APPLY TO THE PRESIDENT'. She said as a fact, there is a law that CAN BE APPLIED TO the President. You're really bad at this. Liars are low... more
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