LOL (nm)
Tue Apr 9, 2019 12:26pm

  • That's YOU point.SES, Tue Apr 9 11:28am
    MY point was to ask if the Law SPECIFICALLY STATED that a PRESIDENT must release his Tax Returns -- was the Law written SPECIFICALLY TO APPLY to a sitting President? SES: "I wasn't aware that there's ... more
    • LOL (nm) — Merlin, Tue Apr 9 12:26pm
    • Oh, you're lying again.HeavyHemi, Tue Apr 9 11:40am
      She didn't say there was a law 'SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN TO APPLY TO THE PRESIDENT'. She said as a fact, there is a law that CAN BE APPLIED TO the President. You're really bad at this. Liars are low... more
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