Stop with your nonsense.
Tue Apr 9, 2019 7:01pm

The law addresses getting tRUMP's tax returns. It's been all over the news.

I hope that you don't think that I give a damn about your pathetic semantics and attempts at "gotcha" with absurd phrasing ?? There is a specific law that demands that the IRS hand over the tax returns of the POTUS. NEVER did I claim that the law was written SPECIFICALLY to do only that.

So now you know.

  • Like I said...SES, Tue Apr 9 10:46am
    ...the Law was not intended specifically to address forcing a PRESIDENT to release his Tax Returns. That Law addresses disclosures of Returns TO a President. I see nothing specifically addressing... more
    • Stop with your nonsense. — Sia☺giah, Tue Apr 9 7:01pm
    • Read it.
      • That's not what Sia said.SES, Tue Apr 9 11:13am
        SES: "I wasn't aware that there's a law that was specifically geared toward requiring that a President release his tax returns." Sia: "You DIDN'T know that? Don't you EVER watch the news?" That Law... more
        • Point Is the LAW Says The Law Applies To EVERYONE, From (nm)From POTUS On Down - Merlin, Tue Apr 9 11:19am
          • That's YOU point.SES, Tue Apr 9 11:28am
            MY point was to ask if the Law SPECIFICALLY STATED that a PRESIDENT must release his Tax Returns -- was the Law written SPECIFICALLY TO APPLY to a sitting President? SES: "I wasn't aware that there's ... more
            • IOW, you're just being yourselfgreenman, Tue Apr 9 6:28pm
              An annoying troll obsessed with the meaning of the word 'is.' Comical...:)
            • LOL (nm)Merlin, Tue Apr 9 12:26pm
            • Just Stop With The SemanticsAmadeus, Tue Apr 9 11:46am
              The law was put into place to stop those with conflicts of interest from refusing to release tax records. It gives the appropriate committees in Congress the power to get those records. The law... more
            • Oh, you're lying again.HeavyHemi, Tue Apr 9 11:40am
              She didn't say there was a law 'SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN TO APPLY TO THE PRESIDENT'. She said as a fact, there is a law that CAN BE APPLIED TO the President. You're really bad at this. Liars are low... more
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