Deplorable Pheoma
It is voluntary
Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:41am

While it might look bad. He isn't required to do it. He was elected without doing it.

On the other hand, Presidents and candidates have released their college transcripts. Even the dummies. Obama didn't. Probably something in their that wouldn't help him. Your side never had a problem with that did they?

Some with health records. I remember there were conspiracy theories of why Clinton didn't release his. But, that's voluntary too.

A law, requiring nation elected officals, congress and President to release their returns. That would include candidates too. No problem there. Don't expect any congress to pass a bill on that anytime soon, of to have any President sign it.

  • who hasn't released his in over 4 decades? I'm FINE with congress being forced to release theirs too. American voters SHOULD be able to know if their nationally elected officials have conflicts of... more
    • It is voluntary — Deplorable Pheoma, Wed Apr 10 9:41am
      • He was elected PROMISING to do itSia☺giah, Wed Apr 10 10:45am
        and then reneged.
        • I don't remember it that wayDeplorable Pheoma, Wed Apr 10 5:10pm
          Gotta link? I remember him refusing during and after the campaign because he claimed he was under audit at the time. (I don't think that really matters) At no time do I remember him promising to... more
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