and you do know that is illegal, right?
Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:22pm

Do you suppose that with all of the investigations into so many close to tRUMP, particularly Manafort, and his IRS violations in not reporting income, that investigators don't KNOW about transactions involving tRUMP that had BETTER be on his returns?

  • Yes and no....Sprout, Wed Apr 10 8:59am
    I suspect a lot of international business transactions never go through the United States, and as such, would not be documented on tax returns.
    • and you do know that is illegal, right? — Sia☺giah, Wed Apr 10 12:22pm
      • Really?Sprout, Wed Apr 10 12:39pm
        So, when an American owned business conducts a financial transaction between Spain and Morocco it is taxable under US tax law? Interesting. Might want to look into that.
        • When they are based in the US, yes. (nm)Sia☺giah, Wed Apr 10 3:54pm
          • Really? Sprout, Wed Apr 10 4:17pm
            So, if an American company owns a factory in Spain making widgets and those widgets are sold in Morocco with the funds transferred to Spain from Morocco, and the funds never entering the United... more
            • You don't KNOW that ?? Sia☺giah, Wed Apr 10 7:15pm
     In the United States, worldwide income... more
        • How about you look in how US companies have to report financial transaction on international concerns. I have to pay taxes on investments that are held by foreign interests. I suspect you know... more
          • deletedG👁G is banned, Wed Apr 10 11:12pm
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