Lawyers already DO shy away from lightweight cases
Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:06pm

because they work for money. If a plaintiff's case is weak, there is significantly less chances of them getting a decent payoff if they are working on a contingency basis.

  • Depends I think....Sprout, Wed Apr 10 11:20am
    If the plaintiff has a REAL CLAIM, I suspect the defendant, even a big one, would probably be willing to settle rather than risk going to court and having to pay out a big court ordered award. It is... more
    • Lawyers already DO shy away from lightweight cases — Sia☺giah, Wed Apr 10 5:06pm
      • Yet today, if they figure they can get Sprout, Thu Apr 11 8:10am
        an easy few tens of thousands of dollars from a SETTLEMENT they will take a percentage of that from a client without having to put much time/resources into it.
    • Who decides on what is a 'real claim'?HeavyHemi, Wed Apr 10 1:34pm
      What you're describing is the current legal system. What you're advocating is a penalty for frivolous lawsuits. You could have made your argument much clearer if you'd actually figure out how to... more
      • If you have the resources to pay, you decide. If you want your lawyer to front you the money, the lawyer decides.
        • or are you thinking of working on a contingency basis where the lawyer gets paid from the settlement, but only if they win ?? In that case, NO LAWYER will take on a dog of a case because they don't... more
          • You didn't know?Sprout, Thu Apr 11 8:08am
            Frequently attorneys take on civil plaintiffs as clients with no money whatsoever from the client. They do so intending to collect a percentage (a large one) of the winnings. So, yes, if you have no... more
            • THAT is a contingency basis, silly.Sia☺giah, Thu Apr 11 10:13am
              I would have thought that you'd have recognized the term when I said this: "or are you thinking of working on a contingency basis where the lawyer gets paid from the settlement, but only if they win... more
              • Yes they do silly...Sprout, Thu Apr 11 10:23am
                They INVEST money. They put in money UP FRONT. They pay for the hourly costs. They pay for the expert witnesses. They pay for many things UP FRONT. SOMETIMES they do it solely on a risk/reward model. ... more
                • of admitting ignorance. You DESCRIBED a contingency basis lawsuit and NOW try to claim you meant something else? LMAO. FACT IS, unless you've got one helluva slam dunk case, (obvious personal... more
                  • I haven't looked up anything...Sprout, Thu Apr 11 10:41am
                    I assumed everyone KNEW it... And you guys constantly WHINE about me posting things that I supposedly SHOULD expect you all to know. Yet, here you are. And YES, you have to have a good case for a... more
                    • OMG... Of course WE all knew it.Sia☺giah, Thu Apr 11 10:55am
                      You began by describing something that I'd ALREADY named - contingency - as if you'd NEVER heard of it and then claimed that lawyers FRONT their clients money. No, they seldom FRONT MONEY, they work... more
        • In others words, you get the justice you pay for. The one thing I really appreciate about this board, is you cannot delete or edit your posts when you've posted something so hilariously dumb.
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