OMG... Of course WE all knew it.
Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:55am

You began by describing something that I'd ALREADY named - contingency - as if you'd NEVER heard of it and then claimed that lawyers FRONT their clients money. No, they seldom FRONT MONEY, they work on a contingency basis where their billing hours are deferred and ONLY PAID if they win.

  • I haven't looked up anything...Sprout, Thu Apr 11 10:41am
    I assumed everyone KNEW it... And you guys constantly WHINE about me posting things that I supposedly SHOULD expect you all to know. Yet, here you are. And YES, you have to have a good case for a... more
    • OMG... Of course WE all knew it. — Sia☺giah, Thu Apr 11 10:55am
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