You're looking for degrees of frivolousness?
Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:41am

That'd be for the court to decide. What, sue me for infringing on their religious rights instead of for casting a spell on them? :)

  • Should they be able to sue you repeatedly forSprout, Thu Apr 11 10:11am
    slightly less frivolous reasons, lose, and you still have to put up legal defense costs each time? Or should they be legally responsible for the harm they did you by suing you and losing?
    • You're looking for degrees of frivolousness? — greenman, Thu Apr 11 11:41am
      • Again....Sprout, Thu Apr 11 11:57am
        Should you have no recourse but to hire a lawyer each time to contest that the suit is "frivolous" enough to warrant dismissal and have NO recourse but to simply accept that cost?
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