Janet Wilson
Rabbit / hare please (nm)
Mon Sep 3, 2018 5:30pm

  • Rabbit / hare swap October 2018Janet Wilson, Sat Sep 1 5:12pm
    Make 2 cards, any technique, portraying one or more rabbits or hares. If you donít have any rabbits or hares you can use any other small wild mammal such as a hedgehog, badger, fox, mouse etc. Your... more
    • swap closed - players listJanet Wilson, Mon Oct 1 5:00pm
      Send a card to the two names after yours on the list. Please send before the end of the month and remember to acknowledge receipt of cards. Players Roberta Viv Janet Ann
    • Rabbit / hare please (nm) — Janet Wilson, Mon Sep 3 5:30pm
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