Danny Rollings
Thu Oct 26, 2006 8:55pm (XFF:

I am a Christian, I believe in God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. I just want to say that you do have your opinion, just as I have mine. But you believe in the death penalty, I don't. I am sure there's probably a way of looking at the way you believe and there's a way of looking at mine. I'm not trying to be ugly, all I am saying is, God breathed the breath of life into man, He is the giver of life, He is our Maker, our Creator. We are His, and all I am saying is, God should be the one that takes our lives back from us, that is my belief. I am not upset that you have your belief, that is your God given right. But all I am trying to say is, if the system would just lock these people that we know are guilty away, so they could never get out and hurt anyone again, that is better than taking a persons life. Also, you will have to agree with me, there are some of these people that are executed that truly are innocent, they just didn't have the money for a good Lawyer. I am not saying who is guilty and who isn't, because I truly don't know. but some are and most are not innocent. I do hope you are a Christian, because it's not long until the lord returns for His own, if you are, great! If not, please think about it, and I am praying for you either way. I hope I don't offend you, or anyone else, I just want to be what God wants me to be. That is my prayer. God Bless,

  • beliefsMurphyMobile, Thu Oct 26 7:38pm
    Pam- You state you believe in God. Now, you do not mention whether you are a Christian. There is a difference. God is part of the Old Testament in the Bible. And that is where "an eye for an eye"... more
    • Re: beliefsJudy Aldridge, Fri Oct 27 5:20am
      If I had a pound for every simple person who is able to read a few words in the Bible but who is completely unable to understand it, I would be richer than John Paul Getty by now.
      • The BibleMurphyMobile, Sat Oct 28 11:00pm
        Judy, How can you address me as a simple person when you have never met me. But I would rather be that than a complicated one. I only picked out the few words in the Bible simply because there is not ... more
        • Re: The BibleJudy Aldridge, Sun Oct 29 7:09am
          We are just simple people, we do not have any superhuman powers. It takes a person of great wisdom to fully understand the Bible and very few people can do that. Best wishes, Judy
          • To JudyCarol, Mon Oct 30 3:08am
            Amen sister!!!
    • Danny Rollings — Pam, Thu Oct 26 8:55pm
      • death penaltyMurphyMobile, Thu Oct 26 9:53pm
        Pam- Thank you for responding. I was not trying to put you on the spot re: your faith. I enjoy your reply about your faith. I live in an area where people claim to be Christians but cite "an eye for... more
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