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death penalty
Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:53pm (XFF:

Thank you for responding. I was not trying to put you on the spot re: your faith.

I enjoy your reply about your faith. I live in an area where people claim to be Christians but cite "an eye for an eye."

When I post, I try to play "devil's advocate". It is easy
to distance myself from the death penalty because it has not affected me personally or jury wise.

But, if you have listened to the news on cnn lately about
all the violence across the US with children, it scares me
about what kind of adults the other children will grow up
to be. Seeing shootings of classmates, teachers and friends has to affect the others.

When I hear about a person like Danny Rolling that put a town in living terror and then read about the crimes. It is upsetting to say the least.

The USA is the nicest country to live in. People that commit crimes in other countries are caught, tried and sentenced in less than a week. The punishment is carried
out immediately.

"if the system would just lock these people that we know are guilty away, so they could never get out and hurt anyone again, that is better than taking a persons life.:

Pam-That statement says a lot to me. If that could be done
I really could accept that.

Where could be house these people? Prisons are overcrowded
and these Super Prisons are populated with young people
that refuse to abide by stucture.

If you run for an office of Prison Re-Construction, I will
vote for you and may even join you.

I am a Christian. I am not offended by anything you have
written or thought regarding my posts.

Your post is rather refreshing for me. I just want people
to think. You did. You replied to my last post.


  • Danny RollingsPam, Thu Oct 26 8:55pm
    Hi, I am a Christian, I believe in God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. I just want to say that you do have your opinion, just as I have mine. But you believe in the death penalty, I don't. I am sure... more
    • death penalty — MurphyMobile, Thu Oct 26 9:53pm
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