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Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:49am (XFF:

Now you said that, "it is infuriating that this monster lived this long (20 years). You also referred to Rolling as a pig.

Whether you or anyone else would like to admit it or not, Danny Rolling was neither a pig nor monster--he was actually a PERSON.

But that's not why I'm writing. Back to your comment I quoted (minus the caps lock). “Lived this long--20 years”? I may not be a mathematician, but I do like to research before I speak.

Rolling was in his 50's when he was executed. He admitted to committing the Florida Crimes he was executed for back in 1990--that would be 16 years ago. Finally Rolling had been on death row since pleading guilty in 1994--12 years ago. Where did this 20 years come from?

As for death row, he did not have his guitar in his cell, write, and record songs. Painting was taken away from Florida Death Row inmates several years ago. And finally none of his songs, paintings, or works are now up for sale on Ebay. Several years ago (around 2002, I believe) Ebay stopped selling "serial killer memorabilia". The closest thing one can find on Ebay are textbooks. Perhaps this may help you rest assured.


  • due processMurphyMobile, Thu Oct 26 7:27pm
    Devin Gaffney- Well Rolling had the speedy trail. Due process should not impede an execution. Rolling MOCKED death row. Singing his little made up songs. He painted, autographed, and wrote things... more
    • MurphyMobile — James, Sat Oct 28 3:49am
      • Danny RollingsStephenie, Fri Sep 10 4:28pm
        I have to commend you on your response. I am a Forensic Psychology major, and I have to say this: "Even though there are those who commit these crimes, there is a reason behind those crimes." It is... more
        • Re: Danny RollingsAnonymous, Sun May 24 12:38pm
          I know this reply is years later but for myself I have to post this. You are probably the type of person of would marry a serial killer in prison and have their childre.bringing more mentally ...ed... more
      • Danny RollingMurphyMobile, Sat Oct 28 10:52pm
        James- "...he was actually a PERSON." How would you feel if Rolling had a living twin decapatated one of your realative? Perhaps I came up with the 20 years from another article that included his... more
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