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Bill A
Mon Oct 30, 2006 5:19am (XFF:

Don't get me wrong here now. I truely believe that only God has a right to take a life and murder is murder no matter who does it; including the State. However; in this case, I don't know. I had opportunity to spend ten years as a guest of Marion, Ill. I was a different person then and most of that time was spent in solitary. Anyway, during that time and the street time preceding and leading up to my incarceration, I met people for whom there can be no redemption. Some humans arn't human and that's a fact. I also served with the 101st during Vietnam. You learn a lot about people under combat situations where you have absolute power over life and death. If I go to heaven after death, I've got so many questions for God about why some people are like they are and why did he create something as illogical as us anyway?????

  • EvilMurphyMobile, Sun Oct 29 1:13am
    Bill A- What Danny Rolling did to Gainsville, FL is not forgiveable. He was evil. It came out in the court hearing. I am just surprised that Britta or Carol Scott has not BLASTED you for your... more
    • Evil — Bill A, Mon Oct 30 5:19am
      • To BillCarol, Tue Oct 31 2:00am
        I read your post with deep thought before I decided to reply. God does not create people the way the are today, He created us as an innocent harmless baby. What we turn into is OUR doing we are... more
        • Re: To BillPam, Wed Nov 1 9:36am
          Hi Carol, I totally agree with you, it is the devil that lives in us and makes us act the way we do. And if we would just let God into our lives, and our America, Or where ever we live, and quit... more
        • Re: To BillBill A, Wed Nov 1 5:18am
          As a person who found God after many many years and who tries to live a Christian life which means respect for all people, I couldn't agree more, but I'm also a realist who's lived the dark side.
        • Re: To BillJudy Aldridge, Tue Oct 31 3:58am
          Dear Carol, I am not going to get into a discussion about God and the Devil as we do not really know either. I would have to say here that not everybody is born an innocent harmless baby because we... more
          • Re: To BillBill A, Wed Nov 1 5:21am
            This is probably true too, as I met guys during the war who lived for the killing and raping. Unlike most of us, some loved it.
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