Cast the first stone
Wed Jul 4, 2007 10:00am (XFF: unknown)

Fine. Let's go by the Bible. How about an eye for an eye? If someone brutally murdered a family, and it was proven by DNA, why should the victims family members have to have their tax dollars used to keep the animal alive? I'll bet they'd be more than happy to cast that first stone!

  • ye without sin cast the first stonefrank, Tue Jul 3 4:05am
    being a good non- beliver thats right i do not belive in any god no matter whos view of a god it may be would like to point out your great profits(LOL) words-he with out sin cast the first stone.... more
    • Cast the first stone — terrylynne, Wed Jul 4 10:00am
      • re your lastfrank sheehan, Thu Jul 5 8:12am
        did you not get the point one in eight people on death row are innocent-that means that one in eight people put to death in the usa did not commit the crime-ask their families. also it is well known... more
        • YOU missed the pointTerry, Fri Jul 6 9:01am
          You must have missed the part about DNA PROOF! This particular animal was PROVEN, through DNA tests, to be the murderer. THAT is what has disturbed MY life. What, specifically, has so disturbed YOUR... more
          • yet againfrank sheehan, Fri Jul 6 10:53pm
            its not about an individual case, its not about how a person is educated in jail, it is not about how, when or why a person can or cannot go to college. But it is, you want your children to go to... more
            • BIGGER SINS THAN MURDER???terry, Sat Jul 7 10:50am
              What kind of sick person would believe that??? You're right - my father can not be brought back. What can be worse? You have obviously not lost someone you love, or you would not have been able to... more
              • To TerryCarol, Sun Jul 8 3:47am
                I cannot know your pain of losing someone through murder so I do sympathise with you. However in saying that, I can sense an angry young person here who could use this anger to turn your life around. ... more
                • re: to terryterry, Mon Jul 9 9:55am
                  You have assumed wrong. I AM a Christian, and I have been able to deal with the death of my Father BECAUSE I KNOW he is waiting in Heaven. That does not excuse the animal who is responsible for his... more
                  • Sorry TerryCarol, Tue Jul 10 3:29am
                    I don't remember at any point judging you in my last post, however if thats what you believe I did then I apologise. I don't seem to see where judging, assuming and MY opinion is all the same. I did... more
                • Carol/TerryBill A, Mon Jul 9 6:56am
                  That was a great response, and very good advice (in my opinion)
                  • responsejoan, Tue Jul 10 12:43am
                    its never good to keep hate in your heart but often its not an easy thing to keep out of your heart. i doubt his dad would want him to continue to hate though. his dad would want him to be happy.
                    • To JoanCarol, Tue Jul 10 3:32am
                      Amen Joan
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