frank sheehan
re your last
Thu Jul 5, 2007 8:12am (XFF: unknown)

did you not get the point one in eight people on death row are innocent-that means that one in eight people put to death in the usa did not commit the crime-ask their families. also it is well known in the justice system that over 20 people on death row today have proven their innocence but due to the legal system they cannot have their convictions overturned because the trial was conducted fairly. in other words people have died and will die even when the system, knows their innocent. you want to talk about murder-why dont you go and speak to their loved ones. i will put it another way- get a gun with eight chambers spin it with one bullet in it and put it to your head. the law of averages says you have a one in eight chance of dying. and truly i would rather 100 guilty people go free than see one person put to death or jailed for a crime they did not commit. the system is far from perfect and people should be punished for their deeds. but killing them will never bring the victum bad or address the underling causes of crime nor prevent crime in the future.

america jails more people than any other nation on earth-fact

america has the highest rate of poverty in the western world-fact

america does not have a welfare system that meets any fair standards of "best world practice"-fact

if you are poor in america today most likely you will not be able to recive any form of welfare services provided by the state. so if you cant find a job, you cant pay your rent, or feed your family what would you do. I know what i would do i would resort to crime to support my family( sure beats starving)

and by the way i am no bleeding heart liberal- i am one mean son of a bitch one. too oftern today idiots like yourself are influnced by a right wing bigoted press and government, shit half of you donty even belive in Evolution for christ sake.

i have served my country, i am proud that i live in a democracy, but the rights which were so hard fought for are being destroyed by idiot ideology being sold by a bunch of lunitics to an ever growing number of religious zelots who make the taliban look like my mothers sunday bible study group.

get a life, grow up smell them roses and plant your neo facist ideology where it belongs in the garbage

and by the way the world is over 3.5 billion years old fact

and we were decended from ape like animals

moses did not exist

jesus was a jew

and im a non beliver prasie darwin and pass the ammo

have a nice day, life whatever and next time your life is disturbed by a group of people on a picket line. instead of complaining. why dont you walk up and ask what are you striking for,maybe you will learn alot but i doubt it.

  • Cast the first stoneterrylynne, Wed Jul 4 10:00am
    Fine. Let's go by the Bible. How about an eye for an eye? If someone brutally murdered a family, and it was proven by DNA, why should the victims family members have to have their tax dollars used to ... more
    • re your last — frank sheehan, Thu Jul 5 8:12am
      • YOU missed the pointTerry, Fri Jul 6 9:01am
        You must have missed the part about DNA PROOF! This particular animal was PROVEN, through DNA tests, to be the murderer. THAT is what has disturbed MY life. What, specifically, has so disturbed YOUR... more
        • yet againfrank sheehan, Fri Jul 6 10:53pm
          its not about an individual case, its not about how a person is educated in jail, it is not about how, when or why a person can or cannot go to college. But it is, you want your children to go to... more
          • BIGGER SINS THAN MURDER???terry, Sat Jul 7 10:50am
            What kind of sick person would believe that??? You're right - my father can not be brought back. What can be worse? You have obviously not lost someone you love, or you would not have been able to... more
            • To TerryCarol, Sun Jul 8 3:47am
              I cannot know your pain of losing someone through murder so I do sympathise with you. However in saying that, I can sense an angry young person here who could use this anger to turn your life around. ... more
              • re: to terryterry, Mon Jul 9 9:55am
                You have assumed wrong. I AM a Christian, and I have been able to deal with the death of my Father BECAUSE I KNOW he is waiting in Heaven. That does not excuse the animal who is responsible for his... more
                • Sorry TerryCarol, Tue Jul 10 3:29am
                  I don't remember at any point judging you in my last post, however if thats what you believe I did then I apologise. I don't seem to see where judging, assuming and MY opinion is all the same. I did... more
              • Carol/TerryBill A, Mon Jul 9 6:56am
                That was a great response, and very good advice (in my opinion)
                • responsejoan, Tue Jul 10 12:43am
                  its never good to keep hate in your heart but often its not an easy thing to keep out of your heart. i doubt his dad would want him to continue to hate though. his dad would want him to be happy.
                  • To JoanCarol, Tue Jul 10 3:32am
                    Amen Joan
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