Sat Jul 7, 2007 10:50am (XFF: unknown)

What kind of sick person would believe that??? You're right - my father can not be brought back. What can be worse? You have obviously not lost someone you love, or you would not have been able to have made such a callous comment. I do NOT believe in taking innocent lives, but when the crime has been PROVEN, through DNA tests, I do NOT agree with using tax dollars to keep that person alive, while INNOCENT PEOPLE are hungry, uneducated and homeless. We will obviously never agree on this point, but I wonder how many of you would feel differently if they had lost loved ones like my family did.

  • yet againfrank sheehan, Fri Jul 6 10:53pm
    its not about an individual case, its not about how a person is educated in jail, it is not about how, when or why a person can or cannot go to college. But it is, you want your children to go to... more
    • BIGGER SINS THAN MURDER??? — terry, Sat Jul 7 10:50am
      • To TerryCarol, Sun Jul 8 3:47am
        I cannot know your pain of losing someone through murder so I do sympathise with you. However in saying that, I can sense an angry young person here who could use this anger to turn your life around. ... more
        • re: to terryterry, Mon Jul 9 9:55am
          You have assumed wrong. I AM a Christian, and I have been able to deal with the death of my Father BECAUSE I KNOW he is waiting in Heaven. That does not excuse the animal who is responsible for his... more
          • Sorry TerryCarol, Tue Jul 10 3:29am
            I don't remember at any point judging you in my last post, however if thats what you believe I did then I apologise. I don't seem to see where judging, assuming and MY opinion is all the same. I did... more
        • Carol/TerryBill A, Mon Jul 9 6:56am
          That was a great response, and very good advice (in my opinion)
          • responsejoan, Tue Jul 10 12:43am
            its never good to keep hate in your heart but often its not an easy thing to keep out of your heart. i doubt his dad would want him to continue to hate though. his dad would want him to be happy.
            • To JoanCarol, Tue Jul 10 3:32am
              Amen Joan
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