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please read Katja Pumm's email to the newspaper here
Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:31pm (XFF: unknown)

From: Katja Pumm []
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 2:18 PM
To: Julie Bisbee
Subject: RE: Polygamist killer in Oklahoma denied clemency

Dear Ms Bisbee,

your articles on Jessie James Cummings’ clemency hearing are republished widely on the internet.

Your article of August 21, 2008 “Clemency rejected for Oklahoma man convicted of 11-year-old niece’s murder” seems to be objective as long as one does not know the facts of the case. I will explain below.

Your article of August 22, 2008 “Polygamist killer in Oklahoma denied clemency” sounds sensational and rather belongs in the yellow press.

I understand that it is not easy to cover a complicate criminal case in a few lines of an article, but I also believe that it is not ethical to mislead the reader.

Your article mirrors the state’s side of the story perfectly. You hardly tell Cummings’ point of view. You do not question anything, but you repeat the same old lies. You stop where investigative journalism begins.

Why did Cummings not accept a plea bargain although he would have avoided the death sentences?

What would have been the state’s evidence to corroborate its theory, if the self-confessed killers had not been portrayed as battered women? Remember, without the testimony of those murderers, the state would not have had a case!

Why do the wives’ versions of the crime not add up?

What is the role of the alleged and false rape allegation of one of the killers’ sister? Why had it never been reported and investigated? The alleged rape victim was at the crime scene the day Cummings was 100 miles away, but she never testified. Why?

What were the wives’ sexual preferences? Normally, it would not matter at all. But when you know that his wives had sex with each other and other men, too, it is a whole different ball game, isn’t it?

What was Juanita’s motive to report everything concerning the cold/ unsolved case after three years?

What motive did Cummings have to kill his niece?

What are the criminal records of all involved parties and associates? Who are the real child molesters?

Why are the true killers before the parole board next year and possibly free soon, while an innocent victim is executed next month? Would you tell the truth, if you had the chance to be paroled on condition that you keep your mouth shut? The state needs the “battered murderers”-theory to put Cummings to death, and the true killers need Cummings to be executed so that they can be paroled. (This basically is the case in a nut-shell)

What about the jury? All of the jurors knew the rumors about the case years before the trial, and some knew Cummings personally. How can it be a fair trial when the jurors have already made up their mind before trial?

Why are the self-confessed murderers not on death row? This is the core of the entire case. See above!

These are many questions, but most of the answers are available at . I doubt you read the documents/ PDFs. Good journalists do not write one sided stories, especially when they are extemely questionable. The average reader will never know what really happened, if you continue to be the prosecutor’s organ.

Unfortunately, I did not attend the hearing. I regret it. However, people from around the world and myself petitioned the Pardon and Parole Board to recommend clemency. It may be true that there was nobody physically present on Mr. Cummings’ behalf, but tens of letters were written and mailed. As far as I know, they are public record now.

My hopes are low that the governor will grant clemency. Once again the State of Oklahoma will put someone to death who has maintained his innocence from the beginning.

According to the numbers of sealed records provided by Tulsa World, Coal County (where Jessie James Cummings was convicted in 1996) is much more likely to seal records than the two most populated counties of Tulsa and Oklahoma.
It is also interesting that Coal County Court Clerk Rachel Fuller said most of the sealed records were in criminal cases with pre-sentencing reports or psychological evaluations deemed closed.

I smell it over here in Germany that Cummings’ case could be your first scoop, if you only wanted. Time is running fast. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact Mr. Cummings, his attorney or myself. The contact info is available at and below.

Hopefully, someone of us is reading or hearing from you soon. This is a big story. It is worth your time and energy. If you believe it is too big for you alone, you might know a colleague to cooperate with. Another option would be to publish this letter in your newspaper. I know Mr. Cummings’ only desire is to clear his name before he is dead.

If I do not read from you by next Wednesday (August 27, 2008), it will be my understanding that you are not interested in a scoop.

Best regards,

Katja Pumm
Founding Editor
Innocent In Prison Project International

Postfach 1122
21275 Hollenstedt

Internet: and

Press Releases:

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